“One of the best instructors I’ve had in my life!”

“Dave showed us powerful techniques we can use right away. He demonstrated incredible skill, strength and awareness. You won’t see me walking down the street obliviously talking into my iPhone anymore.”

“Awesome, every woman should take this program as Dave empowers you and teaches you great, practical skill!”

“Take his programs, it may save your life!”

“Dave, this is what I needed and it immediately helped me for when I have to deal with my ex!”

“Great teacher!”

“I realized what I didn’t know and have started empowering myself with awesome skills, thanks!”

“What every woman should know, Dave explains situations, response moves in a way that is easy to understand and fun!”

“Very positive, upbeat and practical. You can learn a lot in a short amount of time”

Dave put 2016 reality into focus. He is a straight talking man who can help the average guy understand and combat the everyday danger that is now part of life.

“Dave takes something serious and makes it fun”



“Great guy, very passionate, he is teaching a program that could save lives.”

“He’s funny! Great instructor, tells it like it is.”

“Amazing. Extremely knowledgeable.”

“Great with his communication and demonstration of techniques”

“Very charismatic and informative.”

“He truly knows his stuff and cares.”

“He is very professional.  He cares a lot about what he does and it is obvious.  He’s very personable and does a great job teaching.”

“This program is empowering”



“Dave is very informative, great instructor, full of real world insight and experience”

“Very informative and energetic.  Useful information for every woman to have”

“Well worth the time and money, do it has it helps prepare you for real life situations!”

“Great to have the elevator plus the red man plus the partnering defense information”

“Creative learning environment, enthusiastic instruction, emphasizes the mental aspect of safety”

“Amazing, I  feel empowered!”

“Dave is honest, humble, good at what he does”

“Awesome and thorough, take it!!”

“Great instruction, great to be prepared”

“Humble, very informative, he knows what he is saying and doing”

“Do this program, it could save your life!”

“Do it!! Fight the Redman and practice in this class rather than do it on the street first”

“It’s really fun and you actually learn a lot.  I feel confident, Dave is very good at teaching”

“Dave is very passionate and energetic about this, you can tell he truly cares and is good”

GIRL SCOUT TESTIMONIALS / Self-Defense training with Dave

“I am now very confident and I feel less vulnerable and more powerful. This was a great experience.”

More prepared, less scared, confident. I feel better prepared for real life situations.  I want to tell others what I learned and would come again to learn more.”

“I really liked learning and practicing the techniques and my favorite part was the fake fight (red man) because I could apply the techniques and I liked dealing with the adrenaline rush. It feels good knowing I can defend myself.”

“Fun, interesting, enlightening, made me feel safe, made me want to try martial arts, satisfying.”

“It was great! I know some techniques and skills needed to defend myself.”

“Loved the talking, empowerment portion, talk on bullying”

“I learned a lot of useful stuff I can use in the future to help me be more safe, thanks!”

“He made the skills easy to learn but still fun and challenging. We learned lots of different defenses, not just one.”

“Everything was about defense (S.A.F.E.) not attacking”

“The class made me feel a little bit safer, especially if something bad happens”

I learned a lot of useful information and the demonstrations showed how the skills were not hard to perform.”

“I thought that the mentality of raising awareness, your life is worth it and your life is on the line is important! And I think that it is great men and women now can really benefit from these types of classes. Thank you.”

Accountability. Dedication. Determination. ARE YOU READY?