Pictured from L to R: Coaches Buruian, Witte, Gerber and Sade

Who We Are

Chief Instructor Dave Gerber, is a certified Black Belt Instructor under 7th Dan Black Belt Instructor Sam Sade (Martial Arts Master Hall of Famer). Our academy is located in the Northern Virginia/DC Metro region, offering private/semi-private lessons for privates and small groups, corporate, universities, families and more. Dave is also the President of Synergy Development and Training, LLC. He is an expert in leadership, conflict management and has spoken to, coached or trained over 10,000 people of all kinds, from all backgrounds and levels within organizations. He is also the author of four self-defense books under the “L.I.F.E. Line Self-Defense” Series.

Dave Gerber
Owner / Chief Instructor / Leadership Coach

20+ Years

professional experience

5 stars

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10+ Books

Self-Defense, Conflict & Leadership

Every Day!

Helping you on your journey

What We Do

Here at Synergy Self-Defense, we specialize in private/group training to teach you the techniques that will help you grow and keep you safe. The best of Krav Maga offered in the Northern Virginia/DC Metro Area. We teach people of all backgrounds, skill levels, shapes and sizes…our system helps you to defend yourself if you are in a violent situation of any kind. Want to be efficient in your life? Then train with us and get your self-defense, fitness and fun so you make the most of your time!

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Are you concerned that society is more violent?

Be prepared, not scared! People that are training and feeling more confident are less concerned about freezing in a violent encounter, whether at a sporting event, public transportation, jogging/walking, at a social event on travel outside the country, in a parking garage and more.

Are you and your family safe in an attack?

Let our customized Self-Defense programs teach you the techniques to feel confident and secure in your ability to protect your loved ones in a bad situation. In real life, you react how you train – come train with the best today!


Stop giving excuses, and let us show you how motivated and tough you can be. We look forward to seeing you on the mat!

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